seawallsBruceSki’s Marine Construction offers design, construction and repair work on all seawalls and bulkheads.

Seawall construction is growing into a popular way to improve residential and commercial properties that are bordered by water. Many property owners are seeing the advantages to having seawall construction done in order to protect their property from flooding and the erosion of land over time.

Seawalls are the most important part of your waterfront property. In order to maintain your property value, you must secure and maintain your seawall.

Whether large or small, our seawalls are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual client.

Steel Seawalls

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In many situations a steel seawall is the most feasible solution for a shoreline that may become subject to heavy ice pressure during winter months. They are also an excellent choice to build if you require a higher than average wall. Many people opt to build this wall simply because they provide the best erosion control, look fantastic and provide the highest return on your property investment.

Rock and Boulder Seawalls

layered cropping stone

We also specialize in natural stone retaining walls that are used as seawalls. Natural rock walls are a great way to provide a safe and stable wall on your property. They are constructed to handle the large loads that any segmented retaining wall can while providing a more rustic and natural look. The possibilities of natural rock walls are only limited by your creativity. Natural rock walls can also be used to increase your usable yard space while providing an aesthetically pleasing barrier and increasing your property value.

Rip Rap Shoreline


Rip rap shorelines use rock, coarse stone or boulders on the edge of a bank or water shore to provide shoreline erosion control. Rip rap can be an integral part of a shoreline landscape and has several advantages over other materials such as concrete, wood, and steel sheet piling. This is a very cost effective and eco friendly option that can also add value to your property.